The area of Hopedale was first settled in 1660.  Under the leadership of Rev. Adin Ballou, a group established a new vision for Unitarians in the valley in 1841.  The Society flourished for a time, but ran into difficulties and had to disband.  Two things resulted from this experiment, however.  The Dale became known as Hopedale and a religious society was formed, which became the basis of the Unitarian Church in the town.  The Christians in town who believed in the Trinity began to worship in Milford and elsewhere.  The founders of Union Evangelical Church banded together in the 1870s – 1890s to worship as an explicitly Christian Community in Hopedale.  46 persons formally established Union Evangelical Church on April 27, 1901.  The Congregation voted to join the United Church of Christ in 1968.

The church has worshipped in 3 buildings through time. ~ A stone chapel before 1906, a stone and wood church from 1907 – 1962, and the current brick building which opened in 1964.   Our current building is used by community groups ~ the Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts along with a chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous.